Music video's

1. Take Me To The Disco
  2. Savier
  3. Mister Disco
  4. Blow My Whistle
  5. Bossa Nova Baby  (promo)
  6. Here Me Out  (promo) Album
7. I'm Gonna Live My Live The Way I Want
8. Temptation
9. Oh Yeah
10. Love & Light
11. Dancer
12. Anthem

13. Simply Saying
14. The Drake Equation



1. Take Me To The Disco  (2011)
  2. Savier  (2012) Single
  3. Mister Disco  (2013) Single
  4. Blow My Whistle  (Radio Edit)
  5. Blow My Whistle  (Cool Edit)
  6. Blow My Whistle  (Hot Edit)
  7. 30 Minutes (2014) Single
  8. Bossa Nova Baby  (2014) Single
  9. Here Me Out   (2015) Album
10. I'm Gonna Live My Live The Way I Want  (Radio Edit / 2016) Single
11. I'm Gonna Live My Live The Way I Want  (Music Video Version)
12. Temptation  (2016) Single
13. Oh Yeah  (2016) Single
14. Love & Light  (2016) Single
15. Dancer  (2017) Single
16. I Feel No Fear  (Radio Edit) Single
17. I Feel No Fear  (Extended) Single
18. Anthem  (Radio Edit / 2018)
19. Anthem  (Extended)
20. Simply Saying  (Radio Edit/ 2018)
21. Simply Saying  (original) .........

About me

International rising star DJ Babba is one of the hottest new artists in electronic, dance, pop, trance music.DJ Babba grew up in the Netherlands in a very musical family.
Before he became a DJ / Producer he was already working in Clubs and recording studio's recording bands and artists as a sound engineer.

Growing up in the 80’s his influences are mainly music from the 80's , Synthesizermusic (Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder), Reggea and Italo disco music however his taste in music also comes from working with other artists and listening to music of today’s big stars,for example David Guetta.
DJ Babba has been working in the music industry for many years now producing albums for other artists.
His music style varies from Dance, Trance, Pop, Electronic.

DJ Babba’s debut album has 16 great electronic songs, including some great instrumental electronic sports/dance/trance
music and some vocal songs by Romy ( 2 Unlimited II ), T.AT.U , Eddy King , David Lightfoot and more.
Another great artist in the line of other great DJ's from Holland.
He has been working together with some great and famous singers to complete his first debut album “Hear Me Out”.

In 2015 DJ Babba's BLOW MY WHISTLE has become his first hit single.

He also did some hightech stuff on the track " We Are In Love " using a software robot that sings like a human.
DJ Babba is now an official playlist curator also as Litster Playlists (Sam Sam Music / L.M.G)(Spotify) (2018).
Latest releases are:  First Time (20 September 2019)  Arriver (1 February 2021)